Westside Infill Transit Oriented Development Project (WI-TOD)



City of National City – south of 19th Street, west of Hoover Avenue, north of 22nd Street, and east of Harding Avenue


The Westside Infill Transit Oriented Development project, also known as the Paradise Creek Affordable Housing project, is a proposed 201-unit affordable housing development on the east side of Paradise Creek, and the expansion and improvement of Paradise Creek Educational Park on the west side of the creek. The proposed project is based on a concept that was developed through a neighborhood and stakeholder design participation process and incorporated into the Westside Specific Plan, which was adopted in 2010. The proposed project design was developed with continuing public input and participation through stakeholder and community meetings.

The project site is approximately 13 acres in size and consists of nine parcels owned by the City and includes the National City Public Works Yard, the former Sun Diego Bus Charters maintenance facility (Illes property), Paradise Creek, and Paradise Creek Educational Park. The site also includes portions of adjacent public rights-of-way that are generally undeveloped.

The project site would undergo environmental remediation for hazardous materials under the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Remediation and related site preparation activities could include the demolition of buildings, the removal of underground storage tanks and other structures, the removal of contaminated soils, the installation of monitoring wells, and the construction of caps or vapor barriers.

The Paradise Creek Educational Park conserves, protects, and enhances the salt marsh habitats of National City. It promotes environmental stewardship by providing environmental education to students and the community.

Visioning Plan:

Related Actions

  • Build types of housing that people will want and be able to afford
  • Protect key lands
  • Key open space areas are protected
  • Ensure access to major community amenities
  • Provide access to gathering places
  • A variety of transportation options provide access to major amenities





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