Brown Field

Brown Field Final


Otay Mesa – 1424 Continental St


Brown Field is located in Otay Mesa. On both sides of the long airport runway a new developer will use open space to add aviation facilities and basic business services. New hangars will be built on the site with a general aviation facility and jet and helicopter facilities. More rows for planes and an aviation nexus will make the airport a better fit for a higher count of regular flights and corporate and international travel. Visitors that take free time to dine or rest will find a restaurant and a hotel on site. Once work moves ahead, the construction will take 5 years to finish the first phase and 30 years to build a stand out airport that can handle the plane traffic and visitor counts that are expected to increase in future years, and still be a relief airport for Lindbergh Field.

The Facts

  • ENA with the city
  • EIR
  • Proposing revitalization of airport
  • 880 acres make up the municipal airport
    • 330 acres of aviation focused business park development
    • 810,000 sq. ft. of aviation leases consisting of Executive Jet Aviation Fixed Based Operation (FBO)  and supporting maintenance facilities (small hangars with solar rooftops and a Helicopter FBO)
    • 8-10 MW solar field
    • Two business hotels (120 and 150 rooms)
    • Transit Center
    • Mixed commercial and retail uses
    • 1.4 million sq ft for an eco-industrial park
    • Benefits:
      • 4,000 permanent jobs and 8,000 long term construction jobs
      • $500M annually of positive economic impact to the region
      • Attract economic development to South County
      • $900M capital cost
      • $46M to the City’s Enterprise Fund over 20 years

Visioning Plan:

Related Actions

  • Grow new employment centers
  • Ensure access to major community amenities
  • Improve infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, cyber infrastructure, and the port


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