Chula Vista Bayfront

Chula Vista Bayfront Final


Chula Vista


Plans are underway to transform 535 acres of Chula Vista’s underused industrial bayfront into a waterfront resort destination.  The Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan (CVBMP) establishes thousands of new jobs, creates new parks, protect natural coastal resources and sensitive wildlife habitat with extensive buffers, and visitor-serving retail and amenities.

The plan is designed to create local and regional jobs and produce new public revenues for the region. Implementation of the plan will create more than 2,200 permanent jobs, nearly 7,000 construction jobs and numerous indirect jobs in the regional economy.

The master plan will be implemented jointly by the Port of San Diego and the City of Chula Vista in four major phases over a 24-year period. Phase one of implementation includes the development of the resort conference center, the creation of public parks and open space, the restoration of habitat areas, and the construction of a new fire station and mixed-use residential development.

The project was collaboratively planned through more than 100 community meetings to ensure broad community stakeholder support. The project also will provide permanent protection of habitat and open space through a land exchange between Pacifica Companies and Port of San Diego, providing a net gain of 62 acres of public land.

The Facts

  • 535 acres
  • Convention Center (415,000 sq ft of meeting space and up to 1,600 rooms)
  • 3,100 Hotel rooms
  • 2 hotels
  • 236 RV spaces
  • 1,500 Units Pacifica Condos (portion reserved for low- and moderate-income families)
  • 230 acres open space & park
  • 2,200 permanent jobs and 7,000 construction jobs
  • Public promenades, bike trails, and other public access areas connecting the entire bayfront
  • Mixed-use commercial recreation, office, and residential
  • Waterfront visitor-serving retail uses and public gathering spaces
  • Reconfigured marina and improved commercial harbor and navigation channel

Visioning Plan:

Related Actions

  • Grow new employment centers
  • Improve quality of life
  • Provide access to gathering places
  • Protect and connect key natural lands
  • Build the types of housing that people will want and be able to afford, including a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes
  • Concentrate new housing into more compact types of development
  • Support our local economy and its relationship to the region’s major industries
  • Promote the continued prosperity of tourism
  • Ensure access to major community amenities


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