Cross Border Air Terminal

Cross Border Terminal Final


Otay Mesa, San Diego.

Tijuana Airport, Mexico


The Otay-Tijuana Venture LLC has plans to build a cross-border facility that will connect a terminal in San Diego (in Otay-Mesa) the Tijuana Airport. Airline passengers would park in the U.S., check their bags at a proposed  65,000 sq foot terminal, walk across a 500-foot pedestrian bridge across the U.S.-Mexico border, and board a plane at the Tijuana Airport. The terminal would contain retail and restaurants. This $77.9 million dollar effort is privately funded.

The project requires Presidential Permits to begin construction. The project already has a U.S. Presidential Permit (granted in 2010) and is waiting on Mexican Presidential Permit to proceed.

The Cross Border Air Terminal would be connected to the new 905 state highway and the future Otay Mesa Port of Entry. The terminal could alleviate traffic at the existing ports of entry, and offer San Diegans more direct flight options (including China). Developers hope to complete the project at the end of 2014.

Other Figures:

3.6 Million passengers served by the Tijuana International Airport in 2010

300 Approximate distance in yards the Tijuana airport sits from the U.S. border

4.7 Driving distance in miles from the border to the Tijuana airport

$3 Billion lost in economic activity because of the border wait times, according to a 2007 San Diego Association of Governments study

Visioning Plan:

A cross-border airport will position San Diego as a national and international player, facilitating local and international travel and investment.

Related Actions

  • Encourage investment on both sides of the border
  • Alleviate congestion at nearby Ports of Entry
  • Ensure access to major community amenities
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